Internet student and teacher general resources.





Internet TESOL Journal-100s of links for students and teachers.


Dave’s ESL Café’s Idea Cookbook—100’s of ideas on how to improve lessons


For teachers and students of English as a Second Language—Activities organised according to level


The student pages have over 75 interactive quizzes, 15 discussion forums, interactive lessons on a variety of topics, a chat room, and lots of links. On the teacher side, there are lesson plans and reproducible materials to use in class.


PIZZAZ! is dedicated to providing simple creative writing and oral storytelling activities.


A fun study site for students of English as a Second Language. Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more



English grammar, speaking, vocabulary, learning games.


A variety of ESOL materials for teachers.



A variety of resources for ESOL students and teachers



A very comprehensive activity site for students and teachers


Sites that may be helpful to ESOL students and teachers.




Listings of ESOL-related sites



General ESOL activities


30 content based ESL lesson plans for beginner to intermediate students.



Fun language-learning games.

The quizzes posted here concentrate on vocabulary linking exercises and reading comprehension questions.



ESOL games    


Resources of ESOL teachers  


General ESOL activities


The Tower of English has about 300 ESOL-related websites in 34 different categories

A source for materials for teachers of English and other languages

A directory of quizzes and games.   


Free on-line lessons


Contains over 225 Internet resources for ESL/EFL students. All Web sites are clearly annotated. Organization is by skill area and language level.



Offers learning ideas and activities for developing speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as exercises on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary


A site to practise reading, academic writing, speaking and listening





Weekly lessons with vocabulary and grammar exercises; Topics include business English, economics, science, technology, culture, history, art etc. .


Activities for improving academic writing skills and brief explanations and suggestions for essay writing .


This site deals with grammar and writing at a number of structural levels, such as sentence, paragraph and essay levels




Online course in English grammar written primarily for university undergraduates



A large number of interactive quizzes, sorted by level, for learners of English.


Adam Rado's English Learning Fun Site


On this page you will find links to grammar references, exercises and quizzes.


BBC Skillswise



Online grammar resources


Writing labs


Online resources Institute of Education London





Internet news and dictionary sites






A meta-list of links to news services that have audio.

World news for English Language students (simplied/normal).



The American news service


BBC tools for learning English.


Learning network—News for students

World news/world summary from the BBC  


News link  --topical news site 


BBC world service –Learn English   


A resource of online newspapers


International newspapers online


A listing of 5000 radio stations from Albania to Italy




Student news: based upon a weekly Newsroom or WorldView

Students can read the day's top stories using Knowledge Tools, take a news quiz about today's world, and play special crossword puzzles. Students can also submit a letter to the editor and ask a reporter a question. .



Resources for teachers of English


Listening activities

The Internet Public library

A comprehensive collection of links to media sites (including newspapers, magazines, TV and radio) worldwide, sorted by continent and country.


Teaching/Studying English as a Second/Foreign Language


An impressive assemblage of ESOL-related links

Do-It-Yourself English Teaching Activities




Online dictionaries.