Frequently Asked Questions





All INTAS calls 2003 are closed. At present, proposals are being evaluated and the outcome of  this evaluation will be communicated by INTAS to the coordinators by December 2003.  For your information only, please find below  documents on the current call and overview of INTAS activities 2003-2006.



In order to receive a complete Information Package for this call, you will need to select the following elements:

  1. The announcement INTAS calls 2003

  2. Introduction and table of content of the INTAS Information Package

  3. Overview of INTAS activities 2003-2006

  4. Information Package Part A: INTAS research projects and networks  (with Power of Attorney)

  5. Information Package Part B: INTAS young scientist fellowships

  6. Information Package Part C: INTAS Innovation grants

  7. Information Package Part D: Keywords applicable to research projects, networks, innovation grants and young scientist fellowships

If you are interested in any of the actions, you will need the announcement 2003, the respective part of the Information Package and the keywords.


Please note that to view the documents, you need the latest version of ACROBAT READER, which can be downloaded here.