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  Curriculum - MS in MIS - Price College of Business - University of Oklahoma

master of science in MIS



Students enrolled in the MS in MIS Program will complete the following:

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Study the business and organizational context for MIS by completing 12 hours of core MBA courses or advanced electives if students have already taken the equivalent of the core.

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Complete a minimum of 15 hours of graduate MIS course work with a balanced mix of theory and applications similar to the undergraduate program but in a more concentrated form.

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In place of preparing a Master's Thesis, complete MIS 5203 System Architecture and Design, with a grade of A or B. In MIS 5203, students use the knowledge acquired in all of the other courses in the program to carry out a system design project for an actual client, a company or organization, and prepare a comprehensive final report for the instructor and the client.
General Business Courses (12) Hours Required
ACCT 5013 Quantitative Financial Controls
ECON 5733 Macro/Micro Economics
MGT 5053 Productions/Operations Analysis
MGT 5083 Organizational Behavior
Required Courses and Electives
 (a minimum of 15 hours of MIS coursework)
MIS 5003 Management Information Systems
MIS 5113 Database Design and Application
MIS 5203 Systems Architecture and Design
MIS xxx3 Graduate MIS Elective
MIS xxx3 Graduate MIS Elective
MIS xxx3 Graduate course in MIS (or in Computer Science or other IT area by permission of the Program Director)
xxx xxx Elect one graduate course from MIS, Finance, or Marketing (MIS only for joint degrees)

Prior to taking the MIS courses beyond the introductory course (MIS 5003), students must learn two programming languages - a procedural language and a non-procedural language. This requirement may be satisfied by taking appropriate OU or other college courses, by job experience or by completing an approved course from a reputable provider. Programming courses do not count toward the 33 hours required for the MS in MIS degree.

The specific courses for the program are shown above. Students must complete 11 courses (33 hours). Students who have mastered the contents of any of the General Business courses may substitute other OU graduate courses with the permission of the program Director.

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