Take Credit
an Accounting Game of Recall

Pat Haliday
Santa Monica College

Table of Contents
RulesRules of the Game 
Chapter 1 Introduction to Accounting and Business
Chapter 2 Analyzing Transactions
Chapter 3 The Matching Concept and the Adjusting Process
Chapter 4 Completing the Accounting cycle
Chapter 5 Accounting Systems and Internal Controls
Chapter 6 Accounting for Merchandising Businesses
Chapter 7 Cash
Chapter 8 Receivables
Chapter 9 Inventories
Chapter 10 Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets
Chapter 11 Current Liabilities
Chapter 12 Corporations: Organization, Capital Stock Transactions, and Dividends
Chapter 13 Corporations: Income and Taxes, Stockholders' Equity, and Investments in Stocks
Chapter 14 Bonds Payable and Investments in Bonds
Chapter 15 Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 16 Financial Staement Analysis
Chapter 17 Introduction to Managerial Accounting and Job Order Costs Systems
Chapter 18 Process Cost Systems
Chapter 19 Cost Behavior and Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
Chapter 20 Budgeting
Chapter 21 Performance Evaluation Using Variances from Standard Costs
Chapter 22 Performance Evaluation for Decentralized Operations
Chapter 23 Differential Analysis and Product Pricing
Chapter 24 Capital Investment Analysis