Dear Student,

In order to pay your tuition fees online from the Marfin Laiki Bank account, you must be able to access the Laiki eBank Service (using your subscriber ID and PIN number).

1. Go to the Marfin Laiki Bank web site (

2. Locate login prompt in the upper right corner of the screen and enter your eBank Subscriber ID and PIN:


3. Click Transfers link in the left hand side menu:


4. Click To Laiki Accounts in the submenu:


5. Choose either One Time Transfer or Recurring Transfer according to your preference


6. In the Transfer From section, select your Laiki account.


7. In the Transfer To section, select the Account not in Beneficiary List


8. In the Account section, type the account number: 00611005921 (This is the University of Nicosia/Intercollege bank account number)


9. Enter transaction Amount and Currency (EUR)


10. In the Transfer Details section, type your Student ID


11. Click Submit button



12. Check the information shown and then click Confirm button:


13. Once you have confirmed the transaction, print the transfer slip shown on the screen.


14. Send the transfer slip by fax to the Department of Finance. The fax number is 22357745.