New international students must report to the Cyprus Migration Authorities within 14 days of their arrival in Cyprus.

In order to register with the Cyprus Migration Authorities you should submit the following:

1. M61 - Application for the renewal of temporary residence permit form (request this from the Office of Admissions).

2. Copy of the Visa Confirmation (if you do not have it, please request the Office of Admission for a copy or the Visa placed in passport for students who obtained Visa through Cyprus Represantations ie. Embassy/Consulate).

3. Copy of original Bank Letter, original Police Character Certificate and Academic Credentials which were attested by the Cyprus Representation Abroad during the interview.

4. Your letter of confirming registration (Requested from small reception –opposite A3).

5. Your Bank book (external account) and Bank Letter, minimum amount of Euro 850.

6. The medical blood test report and chest X-ray

7. Your Passport

8. Four (4) passport - size photos

9. Euro 70 (Visa extension fee)

10. Confirmation letter of Medical Insurance with the University from the Finance Department after payment of fees.

11. Copy of the Housing Contract, (i.e. certified by the District Office/Mukhtar between landlord and student OR letter from Head of Student Affairs for College Hostel resident, OR confirmation by Hotel confirming accommodation OR by host if being hosted at a private home.

The Migration will issue, an Alien Card (a brown booklet) will be given to you after you have submitted all the above and paid the Euro 70 fee. The Alien Card is proof of your registration with the Migration department. .

The Migration Department will issue your student Visa that will be your Visa for the period mentioned on the pink slip. You may obtain your pink slip from the Office of Admissions (you will be notified through telephone or e-mail).

You are responsible to maintain and extend your pink slip during the period of your studies at University of Nicosia. It is important that you extend your pink slip ONE-month before expiry. Kindly adhere strictly to this Migration regulation.