Cyprus Migration Authorities Policies

International students studying in Cyprus on a student visa are required to maintain a full-time status (i.e. a minimun of 12 credit hours per semester for undergraduate studies or 9 credit hours per semester for graduate studies).

The Migration Authorities require all non-EU international students to have a blood test (HIV, Hepatitis and Syphilis), and a Chest X-ray (Tuberculosis) after arrival in Cyprus. Information is available from the Office of Admissions.

Students of Hotel / Hospitality Management are permitted to work in the hotel and tourism industry during the summer vacation, after successfully completing one year of their academic programme. This work experience represents the practical component of the programme.

Non-EU international students are permitted to engage in paid employment six (6) months after they have entered the country and may work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. During break periods (i.e. winter, spring and summer recess) students are permitted to work up to 38 hours per week. All employeed students enter into a contract, reviewed by the Department of Labour, which states the terms and conditions of their employment.

Note: New Regulations may apply as announced by the government authorities.