When applying for extension the Migration Authorities Department requires the following:

1. Complete M61 form

2. Passport

3. Bank Letter (sample provided):

4. Bank Book – (external account with minimum amount of EURO 850 or equivalent in US$ and an original Bank letter. Also, analytical Bank Statement showing movements of the last 6 months OR copies of wire transfer (i.e. Western Union, Moneygram etc.).

5. Alien Book

6. Pink Slip

7. Progress Report (Office of Academic Affairs, A6)

8. Confirmation Letter from the University (Office of Academic Affairs A6 after completing Student Request form).

9. Confirmation letter of Health Insurance with the University from the Finance Department after payment of fees).

10. Copy of Housing Contract, (i.e. certified by the District Office-κοινοτάρχης/Muhtar) between landlord and student OR letter from Head of Student Affairs for College hostel resident, OR confirmation by hotel confirming accommodation OR by host if being hosted at a private home.

• Applications for further extension must be made at least one month before the expiry of this permit. If you fail to extend your VISA prior to the expiration date, you run the risk of having your Student Visa in Cyprus cancelled.

• Your pink-slip (Visa) will automatically be cancelled if you stay abroad for a period of more than three months. The Office of Admissions must be informed in order to apply for your Return Visa.