This is an alphabetical listing of the most common areas in which problems or questions may arise for students, faculty and staff, and the person who should be initially contacted for help at the Department of Academic Affairs.


Academic Calendar: Maria V.

Academic Path: Maria V.

Academic Policies: Maria

Academic Probation: Maria

Academic Progress Report: Paula, Maria V.

Academic Record: Maria, Paula

Academic Regulations/Policies: Maria

Add/Drop a course: Maria, Paula, Maria V.

Audit Courses: Maria



Certificate of Attendance: Panayiota, Skevi, Maria V.

Change of Major: Maria, Paula, Maria V.

Class Lists: Maria V., Paula

Course Descriptions: Maria V., Panayiota, Skevi

Course Offerings: Paula

Course Outlines: Skevi

Course Portfolios: Skevi

Course Syllabi: Skevi, Maria

Credit by Examination: Maria, Paula



Dean's List: Paula

Degree Equivalence: Maria

Degrees (issue of degrees): Paula

Degrees (collection of degrees): Maria V., Paula

Diploma Supplement: Maria



English Placement Test: Skevi

Examinations (scheduling): Maria

Examinations (keeping of exam scripts): Skevi

Exemption Examinations: Maria



Faculty and Evaluation: Skevi

Faculty Course Schedules: Paula

Forms of Academic Affairs: Panayiota



Grades: Paula

Grade Petitions: Maria

Grade Reports: Paula, Maria V.

Grading Lists: Paula, Maria V.

Graduation Audit: Maria, Paula

Graduation Application Forms: Maria V., Panayiota

Graduation Honors: Paula

Graduation List: Maria

Government Grant ( Χορηγία ): Paula, Maria V.



Independent Study: Maria

Inter-Campus Transfer: Maria, Paula



Make up Examinations: Maria



Pass/Fail Courses: Maria



Registration: Maria, Paula, Maria V.

Reports/Lists: Paula



Scheduling of Courses: Paula

Student Absences: Maria V.

Student Letters: Panayiota, Skevi, Maria V.

Student Petitions: Maria

Student Progress: Maria, Paula

Student Records: Paula, Maria V.

Student Status reports (counts): Paula



Transcripts: Maria V., Panayiota

Transfer Credits (evaluation reports): Maria, Philippos



Withdrawal (Administrative): Maria, Paula

Withdrawal (Student): Maria, Paula

Withdrawal from the College: Maria