Administrative Services


All students can use the following address in order to receive their mail at Intercollege:

(Student's Name)
c/o Intercollege
P.O.Box 24005
1700 Nicosia

The Office of Student Affairs will keep student mail for two months. After that time, all unwanted mail will be returned to the sender.


The Office of Student Affairs can send a fax on your behalf at standard Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CYTA) rates. To inquire more about the rates, please contact Student Affairs.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards are located on all floors of the college. Only Student Affairs authorised (stamped and signed) notices are allowed to be posted on boards. The notices remain on bulletin boards for two weeks or until the day after the event.

Contact Persons

Georgia Kyriacou
Student Affairs Secretary
Student Services and Administration
Telephone 22 453125