1. Clear any outstanding balance with the Finance Department.

2. If with the Return Visa application you need to visit the Embassy/consul in order to obtain the Return Visa you are to submit or pre-pay the tuition deposit of Euro3200.

3. A recent Bank Letter in original form with a minimum balance in excess of Euro 850(or equivalent in US$), or a bank from your home country with a minimum balance of US$10,000.

4. Copy of Passport (validity of more than 1 year)

5. Copy of Pink Slip

6. Confirmation Letter from the University (Office of Academic Affairs, A6 after completing Student Request form).

7. Progress Report (Office of Academic Affairs, A6)

8. In case of absence from Cyprus of more than one year, an Original Police Character Certificate and Original Bank Statement of Financial Support is required.

9. Provide contact fax number and/or E-mail.